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At Ramey Marketing, we pride ourselves on creating customized content for our clients. Most other social media marketing companies use spammy softwares to save time, however the standard at RM is taking the time to understand your business and partnering to create a presence online. Check out our work.



"Tia is so amazing, her passion for marketing speaks through her words. Tia helped me on my journey going from the corporate world to entrepreneur and since the transition, she continues to pour into me nuggets that will take my business to new levels of growth and sustainability. Thankyou Tia and Ramey Marketing for all you do and I look forward to continuing to work with you."


Kenston Henderson, Consultant


"Working with Tia at Ramey Marketing has been and still is a wonderful experience. Her attention to the importance of our company's branding is outstanding! She has spent a great deal of time making certain the image we are projecting through our logo, webpage, and other marketing tools is a true reflection of our vision. Tia is taking our vision and combining her vast knowledge of social media and marketing to introduce our company to the industry. The turnaround time and personal service is excellent. I strongly recommend Ramey Marketing and I am looking forward to a long relationship with Tia and Ramey Marketing."
Tamara Moore, Co-Founder
"You will be hard pressed to find someone more professional, experienced and knowledgeable than Tia. From her internet marketing acumen, research, social media skills to her writing capabilities, there is no one better!  Relationship is everything to her. She works diligently to know you, your business and your brand. She has been a part of my team and helped my clients tremendously.  You want results, she’s your girl!"



Cristi Fox, Managing Partner



"Marketing extraordinaire! Tia Ramey has taken our business to the next level. Results, professionalism and responsivity are what you can expect from Ramey Marketing.  The best investment decision we ever made for our company."


Michele Reynolds, President



"Tia has probably forgotten more about social media than we know. We’ve worked with Tia for several years now, and the results we’ve seen from the clients we’ve brought her in on, have been impressive.


  • A home builder who has had several point of contact on Facebook, including tours of homes, some within 24 hours of posting on social media.


  • A surgeon in the Los Angeles area has quadrupled their followers on social media in a matter of a couple of months.


  •  And for Sevell+Sevell, Tia has kept us active in different social media platforms, including finding relevant content for our company in addition to our content.


For someone to truly understand the intricacies of social media, they have to live in that world week in, week out, because things change so quickly. Tia knows about hashtags, when to use them, and why they’re important. When clients work on their social media themselves, the content isn’t as professional as what Tia creates, and the postings become erratic.


So while social media might sound like something anyone at your company (or worse, an intern) can do, consider this: social media is the voice of your company. And to a very wide audience. If you wouldn’t put a low level employee in front of your prime prospects, don’t let anyone other than the most qualified person in your company, or Tia, work on your social media."


Sevell+Sevell, Inc.



"I would like to give my highest level of recommendation for Ramey Marketing.  The honesty, integrity, and passion with which Tia and her team work is unparalleled.  Tia's work ethic is relentless and I find her working many late nights and weekends on my projects, and ironically, I have to encourage her to take some time off for herself. 


As a Plastic Surgeon, I get approached by minimum 50 people per week who claim they want to meet my marketing needs but Ramey Marketing is my go-to team from here forward for many reasons: 1) accountability -- Tia is very conscientious about the content we put out, is receptive to my concerns, and calls me back personally within a few hours; 2) results -- in just a few months my business facebook page received near 1000 likes, twitter over 1300 followers, instagram over 250 new followers, linked-in over 300 new contacts, and google plus with 30000 views as just a few examples of her contribution to my success; 3) cost-effectiveness -- Ramey marketing gives the best "bang for the buck" with the level of service and quality of product they produce; 4) continuous improvement-- the social media game is constantly evolving and I was so impressed to see Tia attend weekly webinars on new ideas including sessions that I recommended to her; luckily her strategies are already ahead of the competition with most of the "new ideas" being taught at such venues already having been incorporated into our marketing strategy.


Tia also double checks any work she does and goes above and beyond to assure quality production.  She is very savvy and has very good taste.  I could go on and on about how fortunate I feel to have Tia and Ramey marketing as part of my team, and I will refer her to you as I have to many of my friends without any reservations.  Feel free to contact me if I can expand any further...."

Dr. Sean Kelishadi, SSK Plastic Surgery 



"Working with Ramey & Associates was one of the best decisions we’ve made.  Tia is creative. Responsive.  Professional. Timely.  Competent. Thorough.  Affordable.  Talented and easy to work with.  Working with Tia has made our marketing efforts so much easier.  We can confidently turn to her for advice and rely on her experience to give us the best product to take our vision into the future and reach our target audience.  We strongly recommend Ramey & Associates for your marketing needs!"


Tracy Keene, Kindom Christian Center


"Tia Ramey is first and foremost a savvy, knowledgeable professional. I would require this from anyone I work with. However, Tia goes far beyond this. She is kind and sensitive and very understanding of the plight of the starting, small business owner. Without Tia's efforts, it would undoubtedly take me a great deal longer to reach the level of professionalism I feel I need in my business undertaking."


Donna Poppendieck, Health And Wellness Online, LLC


"Tia Ramey taught a class to the cycle 2 fellows of i.c.Stars|*Columbus and it was very effective. It opened my eyes to marketing and the possibilities of social media and also changed the way I interact with it."
Alice McDowell, Student 
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