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Social Media

Social Media is all about building relationships and gaining trust.

Contributing to conversations has the same effect

in person as it does online. It tells people, “I am

here and I have a voice.”


Let them know who you are and what your experience

is on the topic,you will be surprised who

reaches out to you and now decides to follow your

Facebook, Twitter, Linked, Instagram, etc because

they appreciate your expert opinion.


It’s like being the business card at the top of the

stack if your page is always up to date with new

ideas and advice.

You may not have time for this, but RM does.


How do you make yourself stand-out in an ocean of entrepreneurs that have a larger marketing budget than what you have? You need to publish quality information.


Be a source in your market by writing blogs, and giving great words of advice on your social sites. Encourage people you know to comment on your posts, it’s helps your validity as a professional. Millions of people everyday use the internet as a source of information for many different reasons and if you can be that source it is fantastic free exposure.

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